Break the Nets and Sink the Boats!

Break the Nets and Sink the Boats!



John the Baptist and Jesus’ Baptism – ch.3   Jesus’ temptations – ch.4:1-13

Began ministry in Nazareth, almost thrown off a cliff – ch.4:15-30  Went to Capernaum – ch.4:31-43


5:1 Pressed like Beatles, Michael Jackson, Jonas Brothers (4:14-15, 42)

Because he taught the Word of God differently (4:32, 36)

At Sea of Galilee, town of Gennesaret


5:2 Fishermen were washing their nets – done for the day/night – going home

5:3 Crowds overwhelming – got in boat – created a pulpit for himself

Did he pick Simon/Peter’s boat on accident?

Imagine being Peter – tired, going home, here comes a crowd/Jesus asks for help

Taught them the Word of God – no miracles –great teaching to attract such a crowd!


5:4 Meat of the story

“Let’s go do some fishing” – this is a test for Peter

Speculation – Peter had shallow fishing nets/boats – Jesus says go to the deep water


Ever feel like God puts you in this situation – where you don’t think any fish are?


5:5 Simon’s response – “I don’t think it will work, but we’ll try”

Could have said – we’re tired and ready to go home

We’ve got the wrong nets

We just got done washing our nets – come back tonight

Who are you to tell me how to fish – a carpenter?!

But he didn’t – the scriptures tell us why – Master (Epistates – authority) – didn’t call him Lord, but he did recognize that he had some type of extra authority


Peter wasn’t sure and he had more reasons not to go out than he had to go out – but he knew that he was dealing with someone greater than he was – so he went for it – TRUST.


I’ve made a lot of excuses in my life – why I should share Jesus – what about you?


5:6-7 Jesus got their attention – he was about to ask them to change their lives

Wouldn’t it be neat to have our nets break and our boat sink?


5:8-9 Peter got it! But then he missed it. He realized that he was with God and that he wasn’t worthy.

But he misunderstood that Jesus is looking for exactly that person! He’s looking for me! He’s looking for you!

He thought Jesus was only for religious, pious people – folks who have it all figured out – wrong!


Points to take Home

  1. God can use anyone – no prerequisite for God (holiness, age, life stage, etc.)
  2. There’s always a stock – go where God sends – Peter into deep waters – let God plan the work – you just work the plan
  3. Gets easier with practice


Question: do you want to be a keeper of the aquarium or a fisher of men? 


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